A E H M . N E T

Marco is running the club night white circles for lovers of Wave, EBM as well as Post-Punk in Leipzig; holds regular crew slots at ExLEpäng (Techno, Experimental), Querbass and Bassment (DnB, Bass); loves to spin Ambient as well as Drone in between Doom Metal shows. Some sets are available on soundcloud, White Circles playlists on Spotify.

Right now he runs a solo act called DEFAULTS focusing on live experimental Electronica, tending to oscillate between Ambient, Breaks and Abstract Techno. He played numerous shows at festivals including Bimfest (Belgium), Amphi Festival, Planet Myer Day and Deathemberfezt. His project is part of a collective called VRSWN (VERSCHWINDEN) that connects like minded artists.

He is one of the Ableton User Group core organizers, hosting a monthly meeting with related workshops, best practise sharing and jams at Institut für Zukunft.

0615 QUERBASS Chaise, Halle
0616 TRAPHOUSE Elipamanoke, Leipzig
0811 BASSMENT#9 Goldene Rose, Halle
08xx QUERBASS TBD, Halle
0921 WHITE CIRCLES Conne Island, Leipzig
0922 QUERBASS TBD, Halle
0929 DEAF ROW FEST Kassablanca, Jena
0929 NONONO Elipamanoke, Leipzig
1110 QUERBASS TBD, Halle
1110 TBD Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig
1124 MASQUERADE Hühnermanhattan, Halle

Visit his facebook profile or drop a quick mail: hello@aehm.net

love music, hate racism!

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